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Right to work

We help to ensure all your employees have correct and current Right to Work status. We offer a comprehensive managed service that is either fully integrated to your existing HR department or operates as a standalone resource. We provide a range of self-service options featuring the latest document scanning technology, document validation software or a smartphone app to remove risk and uncertainty in your recruitment process and ensure compliance with all Right to Work legislation.
There’s no need for continuous retraining of field managers to reflect increasingly complex and ever-changing legislation, and the risk of inconsistencies or oversights is completely eliminated.

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Managed service

Our managed Right to Work (RTW) solution operates as a stand-alone checking and screening service or is easily integrated to your online recruitment/HR systems. Significantly, the job applicants drive the checking process by uploading their RTW documents to our secure portal (branded according to your requirements). We will not only confirm whether an individual has Right to Work status, but will also keep you informed in advance of document expiry dates to prevent any risk of the individual drifting into illegal employment in the future.  Using the world's leading validation technology, our vetting officers will help you to maximise efficiencies, ensure compliance with immigration law, speed up your recruitment process and protect you from the risk of civil penalties and reputational damage.


Self service

Self service

NSL Checking, a business unit of Marston (Holdings) Ltd, offers a comprehensive range of scalable and bespoke checking solutions to meet the operational priorities of all types and sizes of organisation - from a premium scanning system for highly regulated environments to simple desktop software and a smartphone app for mobile applications. We provide customers with access to the most versatile and reliable scanning technologies in the world, backed up with the support and knowledge of our highly experienced team of vetting officers.  With expertise in all Right to Work processes and constantly evolving immigration legislation, we not only provide ongoing vetting support to employers, but we will also provide consultancy services to maximise efficiencies and compliance for even the most complex recruitment programme.for concern.

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ID document validation

NSL Checking, a business unit of Marston (Holdings) Ltd, uses and supplies established and trusted document validation systems from Keesing Technologies, backed up by a dedicated and experienced team of vetting officers. With a reference database of over 6,000 ID documents from more than 200 countries around the world, this widely respected and proven technology will provide instantaneous confirmation if a document is fraudulent or valid. Our vetting officers will provide added reassurance by assessing and advising on any unclear or questionable documentation.We will supply the most appropriate solution for your organisation and after some simple training for your staff, you’ll be up and running within an hour.  You will then have direct access to the team of vetting officers at our dedicated Help Desk and support centre who are always on hand to answer any operational or documentation queries.  Where required, we also provide secure storage for all remote document checks so that your authorised HR personnel have easy and instant access to all relevant data and documentation at all times


Other Screening Checks

NSL Checking, a business unit of Marston (Holdings) Ltd understand that the employment sector is constantly evolving and the need to attract and retain the best candidates has never been more important. In addition to Right to work checks, we provide a comprehensive range of screening services to safeguard your business and its reputation.